Selfless/Noble or Selfish?

Many have realised that Life is much more than amassing wealth or eating, drinking and having fun.

Take Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Mark Zuckerberg as examples.
These individuals with their focus on philanthropy, have realised that Life is more about making an impact and contributing to society as a whole.

Most of us would not able to do so on the same scale as the mentioned billionaires. However as the saying goes, “Little ripples make big waves,” the combined effort of every individual is more than enough to make the world a better place.

We should therefore thrive to do good and put smiles across faces whenever we can in our everyday lives, not only when we are financially stable.

Does the following sound familiar?

“I have to pay for my mortgage!”
“I have to pay for my school loan!”
“I lost my wallet.”
“I have to save for my wedding!”
“It costs a lot to raise children!
“I am busy with work!”

The list is endless and goes on and on just like how the rat race never ends.
Money will definitely and always be never enough.
It is about the priorities you hold dear to in your life.
Wrong it is not, for people to spend their hard earned money on self-indulging and making themselves feel good. There is however a limit/threshold to this after which emptiness creeps in.

The higher level of gratifying satisfaction is what makes the difference between people who share the joy and the self-indulger.

It is however never safe to assume that everyone who seem to have noble ideals and aspirations are “angels.”
Some individuals might try to sell their ideals for your support but have hidden agendas in what they are promoting.

Some examples (Theory is similar with Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility)
1) Property/Insurance agents who initiates volunteery work to spread his good name and expand his contacts. (Business Contact is conveniently displayed)

2) During an interview, Older Hiring manager claims to want to groom the younger generation (Tries to get you hooked up onto his idealistic and fairy-like aspirations but actually he just needs someone urgently to accept the role that is hard to fill.

As discussed in older posts, the bottomline is to always consider both sides of the coin.
When things seem too good to be true, it is wise to consider the following points.

1) Why is this person so persistent or earnest in wanting me to be a part of his ideal?
2) Is it really how it is painted to be?
3) What do I or the inducer gain from this?

The world is never black or white. People can have their own agenda in pushing something to you but is up to you and your personal threshold or tolerance point which constitutes it in being unethical or not.

To each his own!

Often times, it is when lying takes place which determines that the line has been crossed. Never tolerate it when such Liars twist their words and over promise/ give empty promises on things.